We solve hard problems involving knowledge that people find difficult or impossible to put into words.

Why do people find it difficult or impossible to put much of their knowledge into words, and what can you do about it? The full answer is complex. The table below shows the simple version beyond that complexity, for one part of that answer.


We provide consultancy, courses, and materials for:

  • Finding out what people really want, think or believe, particularly when interviews and questionnaires and focus groups aren’t getting to the real answers
  • Handling human error, such as finding out where expert reasoning has gone wrong, or might go wrong
  • Helping people find new solutions to problems, via a package of idea generation methods
  • Choosing the best ways to show knowledge and to transmit knowledge
  • Choosing the appropriate combination of methods for training, teaching, and learning.

We also provide specialist workshops for students, on a range of academic skills.

In addition, we give specialist and general talks on these topics, and their applications in the world.


Examples of what we do

You’ve designed a new product, maybe like the one below, or a new service.

  • How do you find out what people really think of it?
  • What might you have missed in the design?
  • How can you minimise the risk of something going wrong with it?
  • How can you best train and educate and inform people about it?

We can help answer these questions.


We also provide specialist support for higher education, particularly for research skills and for academic skills that are often overlooked in the formal system.





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