Course topics:

  • Finding out what people really want, think or believe, particularly when interviews and questionnaires and focus groups aren’t getting to the real answers
  • Handling human error, such as finding out where expert reasoning has gone wrong, or might go wrong
  • Helping people find new solutions to problems, via a package of idea generation methods
  • Choosing the best ways to show knowledge and to transmit knowledge
  • Choosing the appropriate combination of methods for training, teaching, and learning

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Example: Finding out what people really think, want or believe

The methods in this course fit together, to unpack topics systematically, as shown below.

Card sorts, to find out what is important to people: Which features of a building are important to this person?


Laddering, to find out why something is important to people: Why did this person consider being sturdy important in a building? Was it for security, or something else?


Visual analogue scales, to quantify someone’s judgments about the features that matter to them: How sturdy do they consider each building in the pack to be?


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