The Voynich Manuscript

Gordon's work in brief

Gordon showed that the odd statistical and textual features in the Voynich Manuscript could have been produced by using a low-tech method that involved a large table of gibberish syllables, and a set of cards with holes in different permutations, to combine different syllables from the table.

Gordon used this method to produce pages with replicas of artwork from the Voynich Manuscript, and with comparable quantities of text. This typically took between one and two hours per page, which meant that the entire manuscript could have been produced in a few weeks by one or two people.

Gordon has written a series of articles about issues involved in hoaxing a document like the Voynich Manuscript:


Why make a hoax look like an unknown language?

What expert linguists would be looking out for

The materials involved

Planning the book structure

Creating the word structure for the hoax

Producing the text

Producing the illustrations and script

Other articles:

Categorised links to Gordon's other blog articles about the Manuscript

Non-random structures within text produced this way


A replica by Gordon of a page from the Voynich Manuscript