Ricardus Manuscript images

The manuscript was originally produced as a single large page. For clarity, the image below is a composite of scans of each individual image and accompanying text.
The manuscript in its original layout
Image © Gordon Rugg, 2015
The scans are numbered 1 (top left drawing) to 8 (bottom right image).

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The images and text were produced by hand, in ink on paper.

I have deliberately not produced a machine-readable version of the text; this is a feature, not a bug. The text is similar to Voynichese, but is not the same.


High resolution copies

All images are copyright Gordon Rugg, and may not be used commercially without permission. You can download them for private use, including blogging, provided that you retain the copyright statement.
Detail of text from the Ricardus Manuscript; note the mixture of left-ranged and right-ranged text.