The Ricardus Manuscript

The Ricardus Manuscript arises from Gordon’s work on key assumptions underpinning modern codes. It deliberately departs from those standard assumptions. It has been in the public domain for over ten years, and has never been cracked.

When Gordon was working on the Voynich Manuscript, he started wondering what a real code based on the components of the Voynich Manuscript would look like. This code is the result.

Another question was what a code might look like that was based on different principles from most modern codes. Again, this manuscript is the result.

This manuscript also demonstrates another point.

It was widely argued in the Voynich research community that Edward Kelley couldn’t have created both Enochian and Voynichese because those were too different from each other to be the work of one person.

The Penitentia Manuscript is very different from the Ricardus Manuscript, but they were both produced by the same person.

Downloadable high resolution copies of the Ricardus Manuscript


Image: A page from the Ricardus Manuscript