Penitentia Manuscript images

The complete manuscript

Click here to download the complete manuscript image in its original form, without key numbers.





The manuscript was generated as a single large document (A1poster size) containing 16 pages arranged in four rows and four columns. There is no indication of the direction in which the pages, or the symbols in each page, should be read.

The image opposite contains key numbers for the individual pages, for clarity in downloading and analysis. These key numbers were not part of the original manuscript.

Click on the links below to download individual pages.
Page 1,1     Page 1,2      Page 1,3      Page 1,4
Page 2,1     Page 2,2      Page 2,3      Page 2,4
Page 3,1     Page 3,2      Page 3,3      Page 3,4
Page 4,1     Page 4,2      Page 4,3      Page 4,4
We are grateful to Rob Moore for writing the software to generate the final manuscript.