The Penitentia Manuscript

Gordon created this manuscript for two reasons.

One was curiosity.
 Most modern codes are based on a shared set of underlying assumptions. 
He wondered what would happen if you deliberately ignored those assumptions. What sorts of code might that produce?

The second was to demonstrate a point.
 It was widely argued in the Voynich research community that Edward Kelley couldn’t have created both Enochian and Voynichese because those were too different from each other to be the work of one person.
 The Penitentia Manuscript is very different from Gordon’s Ricardus Manuscript, but they were both produced by the same person.

Both the Penitentia Manuscript and the Ricardus Manuscript have been freely available on the Web since 2005. As far as we know, neither has ever been cracked.

Downloadable copies of the Penitentia Manuscript










Image: A page from the Penitentia Manuscript