D'Agapeyeff links and resources

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it identifies some key starting points.


Gordon and Gavin's blog articles about their work:

Part 1: The background story

Part 2: Introduction, and why the cipher matters

Part 3: The codes and ciphers described in Codes and Ciphers

Part 4: The examples used in Codes and Ciphers

Part 5: Gavin finds an error in one of D'Agapeyeff's examples


Other online resources:

The Wikipedia article: This contains a machine-readable copy of the cipher.

Robert Matthews' article: This is the article that we used as a starting point for our work.


Published print resources:

D'Agapeyeff, A. (1939) Codes and Ciphers: A History of Cryptography. Meridian Books.

This is the book that contains the cipher. The cipher only appears in the first edition. It's usually fairly easy to find a copy of the first edition.



Codes and Ciphers, first edition

A photo of Gavin's copy of the first edition