The Stress Book

A student’s guide to preventing and handling stress, and to achieving well-being.

Most stress books are written for the general market. This one is different; it’s written specifically for students, including groups of students that are often overlooked by the system, such as part-time students, mature students, and overseas students. It looks at ways of preventing stress by understanding the academic world, as well as ways of handling stress when it occurs, and ways of taking control of your life so that you’re moving along a path of positive well-being.

This book uses a three-layer approach to stress.

The first layer involves prevention and reduction. It’s often possible to use knowledge of the student world to prevent potential stressors from happening, or to reduce their impact if they do happen. The book contains practical, detailed advice about how to do this.

The second layer is about handling stressful situations when they happen, since it’s not possible to avoid them completely. The book gives advice about how to handle them, including checklists of useful resources, and guidance on things to watch out for in stressful situations (for instance, remembering to arrange for someone to feed the cat if you have to rush off to visit a sick relative).

The third layer is about what happens after a stressful situation – how to learn from it, and how to move on. The emphasis of this section is on moving towards positive well-being, rather than just trying to avoid further stress. It contains suggestions about how to direct your life towards what you really want, and about how to achieve well-being.


The book