Using Statistics

An introduction to using stats, for normal human beings who aren’t great at maths. Gently explains the key concepts, with examples.


Most stats books are structured around statistics. This book is structured around the researcher, and what the researcher is trying to do.

It begins by looking at research questions which can be answered qualitatively, without using any numbers. Qualitative approaches are good for answering some questions, but the answers they provide raise other questions, many of which cannot be answered with qualitative approaches alone.

The next sections work through a succession of different types of question, starting with those that can be answered using very simple numbers. The book shows what each type of question is good for, how to answer it using statistics, and what types of new question the answers are likely to inspire.

This means that the reader can work through statistics in gentle steps, in a way that relates to their own research questions, and that lets them see what each type of statistics can do for them. The book is about understanding how to use statistics to help you in your research. It’s a gentle introduction to the key concepts, intended specifically for readers whose knowledge of maths might be a little rusty.


The book