Blind Spot

A new way of finding human error in codes, medicine and more; old mysteries meet modern science.

This book is about two people and an idea. The people were Gordon Rugg and Jo Hyde. Their idea was a way of combining concepts from different fields to produce a new way of spotting errors in expert reasoning.

This is the story of where that idea came from, and of what happened when they tested it on real problems.

The first case study involved an ancient manuscript, written in a unique script, full of bizarre illustrations, apparently in code. Ninety years after its discovery, it was still undeciphered, despite being intensively studied by some of the world’s greatest codebreakers. When Gordon applied the new method to this problem, it identified a solution within weeks which everyone else had missed. Several years on, there’s a growing body of evidence that this solution is actually right.

The next case study, by their colleague Sue Gerrard, identified significant flaws in core assumptions in the autism literature.

Other case studies include new ways of viewing forensics evidence, of handling online search, and much more.


The book