In the media: Coverage of our work

Television documentaries:

“The Voynich Puzzle,” a documentary by Klaus Steindl & Andreas Sulzer.

By Pro-Omnia Productions, Smithsonian Channel.


“The Voynich Manuscript” (documentary), executive produced by William Shatner.

By Wag TV. In the Discovery Channel’s “Weird or What” TV series.


“The Unsolved Riddles of Science: Part 4: The Voynich manuscript, MS-408 Decoded.”

By Sven Preger and Ralph Erdenberger. Aired 18 November 2007 on Welt Der Wunder (German TV series)




Print coverage:

The New York Times: “Testing Testers, Finding Flaws”. By Denise Caruso, August 5, 2007


WIRED Magazine: “Scientific Method Man: Gordon Rugg cracked the 400-year-old mystery of the Voynich manuscript. Next up: everything from Alzheimer’s to the origins of the universe.” By Joseph D’Agnese [co-author], September 2004


The Economist: “Another twist in the tale; The Voynich manuscript. (Decoding the Voynich manuscript)”. January 10, 2004


The Guardian: “Secret of historic code: it’s gibberish; Mystery of manuscript that foxed scholars for centuries is solved”. By Robin McKie, science editor, January 25, 2004