People we work with

Yvette Hastings: Business, sport, pharmaceutical

 A graduate of Exeter University, Yvette's entrepreneurial skills developed whilst working as part of a core team alongside Airship Industries' Technical Director Roger Munk, on a variety of projects in the lighter-than-air, marine and automotive industries. She was production controller on eight airship build contracts, and dealt with all the French major contractors involved. The company was involved with both commercial and military/security aircraft. She subsequently became co-manager of the integrated Logistics & Support Division.

Yvette returned to her science background in 2002, setting up her own company specialising in nutraceuticals. She has a particular interest in research and development for new products, and in developing links with overseas companies.

An active member of both local and regional committees of the FSB, she also provides pro bono programme management support to the local community in South Cheshire.



Giselle Martine: Card sorts, product differentiation

Giselle Martine has a background in Law, followed by an

MSc in Office Systems and Data Communications.

Her MSc project involved using card sorts to measure the perceived differences between different web page designs, to see whether this method could detect "look and feel" plagiarism. This became a classic example of how to analyse card sorts results via co-occurrence matrices, which resulted in an invited paper in a special issue on card sorts in the journal "Expert Systems".

Her work provides a powerful, efficient way of measuring product differentiation, based on the criteria that matter to the users. This approach also makes it possible to identify the best ways of increasing a product's distance from its competitors.


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