People we work with

Sue Gerrard: Theory, Verifier, card sorts

Sue is an independent researcher whose focus is on mental models, belief structures, and organisational systems.  She co-authored a paper with Gordon applying the Verifier method to conceptual models of autism.

Her first degree was in Psychology and Zoology from Reading University, UK.  She also has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, London - her research project involved using card sorts to elicit perceptions of women’s work attire.  Sue also has a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (University of Reading). 

She was a primary teacher in the 1980s equivalent of a Free School and has worked in retail management, arts administration, publishing, politics and the public sector.

Sue is also a regular blogger exploring child development, developmental disorders and education.



Tamsyn Hastings: Elicitation, media, analysis

Tamsyn has a BSc in Geography and Computing from Keele University.
Her undergraduate project research involved identifying indicators of perceived realism in computer games, using a range of elicitation methods to identify semi-tacit and tacit indicators.
She is currently working with us and with Jason Dowdeswell on identifying indicators of perceived realism in film production, with particular reference to semi-tacit and tacit indicators.
She is also working with us on analysis of patterns of activity within film and within sports.




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