People we work with

Gavin Taylor: Codes, deep structure, analysis

Gavin has a BSc in Computing and Mathematics from Keele University, and is a teacher of Computer Science, based in Leicestershire. He subsequently achieved a PGCE in Secondary Education, plus qualified teaching status. He is a member of the Knowledge Modelling Group, at Keele University.

He is currently developing a knowledge based education model within Key Stage 3 computer science. This education model uses our methods to develop and identify knowledge craft skills.

Gavin’s other work is within the field of deep structure analysis. This includes work in script analysis and consultancy within the film industry; sports analysis based on Gavin’s undergraduate project; and cryptography.

Gavin is co-author of a series of blog articles on the D’agapeyeff Cipher. Gavin's current research interests include modelling craft skills within academia, manual work, and management.



Other associates

We also work with a range of other associates on a case by case basis. The "usual suspects" include:
Dr Crina Samarghitean: Theory, medicine, data mining. Crina is an MD with an MSc in Medical Informatics and a PhD in Bioinformatics applied in immunodeficiencies, who has a long-standing collaboration with Gordon.
Steph Dale: Elicitation, usability, design. Steph has a long standing collaboration with Gordon and Jo.
Jennifer Skillen: Theory, representation, medicine. Jennifer is particularly interested in using appropriate representations to gain deeper and more systematic insights into medical reasoning and evidence.