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Sidebar: Our work, and management theory

We're exploring various areas of overlap between our work and management theory. Some examples are:


Applying project management methods from software engineering to other fields

Software engineering has a range of well established ways of dealing with uncertainty about client requirements, particularly when clients are unsure about what they really want. We're working with colleagues in fields such as building and architecture, using those methods to clarify requirements early in the project management process, to reduce the risk of costly requirements changes downstream.


Better handling of semi-tacit and tacit knowledge

Most management theory makes a binary distinction between tacit and non-tacit knowledge. Our work uses a much finer-grained categorisation of types of knowledge, memory and skill, which gives powerful new insights into market research, product research, knowledge management, training, and numerous other areas.


Better handling of data, information and knowledge

Our work on representation provides a much richer and more rigorous way of handling data, information and knowledge. These representations are also significantly better at conveying information clearly and accurately.




Colin Rigby: Management

Dr Colin Rigby is a Senior Lecturer in Management at Keele University. He has an MSc and Mphil from Manchester University, and a BSc from UMIST, in engineering disciplines.

He has extensive practical experience of production management, consultation and engineering based project work across a number of sectors of the ceramics industry.

His research is particularly focused on processes of change, at individual, organisational and societal levels.

He is particularly interested in applying theoretical and methodological innovation to practical problems in industry.