People we work with

Kate Breeze: Graphics, elicitation, media

Kate Breeze has a BSc in Computer Science & Geography from Keele University and also took Japanese for three years during her University degree.

She went from an undergraduate project on realism in computer games to working with us in consultancy for the film industry.

During her project, she identified a key issue in perception of realism, which drew on schema theory, and which had significant practical implications for both film and game design.

She also identified significant issues in choice of appropriate elicitation methods for investigating user and viewer perceptions of media products, including games and film.

Kate also works in graphic and design and enjoys creative and design orientated activities. She also loves learning new languages and experiencing new cultures in different countries and one day, will hopefully travel the world.




Catherine Crockett: commercial, coaching

Catherine is an entrepreneur, and has her own business mentoring and coaching SMEs. She has a diploma in management studies, MBA, ITIL expert, and is trained in business coaching and mentoring.
Catherine has had an accomplished and successful career as a senior operations manager and director in the technology and communication sector, within both private and public sector.
She is a motivational team builder, able to facilitate major change and transformation, adding benefit and value to SME’s. Catherine is effective in the provision of business solutions through operative use of technology together with the ability to develop and influence others.
Her particular interest is encouraging business to succeed using the correct motivational and strategic imperatives.



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