People we work with

Our associates are all multidisciplinary. Their expertise ranges across a broad range of fields in academia, the public sector and the private sector, including Hollywood film production, software design and management.

A common strand is that they apply expertise to challenging problems in a way that could make people's lives better.


Quality of life: A Shropshire view



The people:
Kate Breeze: Graphics, elicitation, media

Catherine Crockett: Commercial, coaching

Jason Dowdeswell: Film, media

Sue Gerrard: Verifier, theory, card sorts

Tamsyn Hastings: Elicitation, media, analysis

Yvette Hastings: Commercial, sport, pharmaceutical

Giselle Martine: Card sorts, product differentiation

Michael North: Commercial, cultural

Marian Petre: Theory, usability

Colin Rigby: Management

Gavin Taylor: Codes, deep structure, analysis

Others: People with whom we work from time to time