Jennifer Skillen

After studying neuroscience at the University of Toronto, Jennifer had a variety of careers before returning to academia to do a PhD at Keele University in Computing. She is looking at formalising knowledge representations in medical reasoning.

As well as being a member of Keele’s Software and Systems Engineering Research Group she also works as an Expert by Experience within the NHS in Gloucestershire, as well as supporting Patient Participation Groups in Primary Care.

She combines her academic work in knowledge representation and her experience as an Expert by Experience to develop new ways to support the NHS, ranging from a novel way to analyse and represent patient feedback, to working with individual patients and clinicians to improve knowledge transfer.

In her spare time she spins, weaves and knits, when she is not caring for her son and his chickens.

Jennifer’s publications include:

Skillen, J.D., 2019. The Friends and Family Test: From card sorts to control charts. Methodological Innovations, 12.

Skillen, J.D., 2017. The symptom matrix: Using a formalism-based approach to address complex syndromes systematically. Musculoskeletal Care, 15, pp 253–256.


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